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Cast Aluminum Sign Lettering
Cast Aluminum
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Metal Sign Lettering
Cast Bronze Sign Lettering
Cast Bronze
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Plastic Sign Letters
Plastic Sign Letters
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Plastic Sign Letters
Plastic Faced Foam Sign Letters
Plastic Faced
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Metal Sign Letters

Cast Bronze Sign LetterSign letters are who we are, and what we do...

Cast bronze sign letters or cast aluminum sign letters will simply give you more depth (letter depth compared to flat cut metal letters) which add to the 3-D appearance of the signage. You can obtain a similar dimensional result, with sign letters which are cut from flat sheet material (like aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and hot rolled steel which makes for some cool rusted metal letters), you will just need to purchase sign letters with a decent material depth. 

There are cheaper sign lettering alternatives, like plastic and foam (and you can also buy those from our company, if that fits your project needs). These other products can attempt to give your signage that metallic look without some of the cost of real metal sign letters. However, don't be deceived... real metal sign letters will just look better. There, I said it... Yes, you can use plastic letters for a sign that appear to be close to metal... but it isn't real metal. Hope this helps :-)

Using Plastic Sign Letters

Plastic Letters For Your SignOK. We understand that metal letters just are not the fix-all / do-all of the sign industry... every sign doesn't need to use them... we get that. There are simply times where the 'right' sign product for the job are those quality sign letters made from plastic material. This does not have to be spelled to look like the word 'cheap' (ie. "cheap sign letters") or something similar. You can still have high quality, professional signs while using relatively low cost plastic sign lettering products. Many of our sign products made from plastic are actually made from a special material called CAB (an all-natural plastic - Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) which is stronger and more durable than everyday acrylic and is made from wood and cotton fibers... and did we mention that since its made from a renewable resource... its like, green... and that means your sign can be friendly :-)

" I just wanted to thank you for your help with our order. The letters we put up for the trade show in Vegas looked fantastic! My boss was very pleased... Thanks again! "

-Erika Bialowoz

We are committed to providing our clients with professional sign letters and other high quality lettering products with courteous service from our knowledgeable staff.
-Sign Letters, Inc.

Installation Tips

Okay, No. We don't come to your building to install your sign products, but we will be here to assist your installers. Our sign letters are fairly easy to install on your building, using our spacing templates or drilling patterns. When its time to install your signage, just give us a call if you need some pointers.  We're here to help! Look here for tips.